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Hi, I'm Gret...

I’m an Entrepreneur, Business Founder and Wellbeing Expert for businesses, professionals, and the leaders of today and tomorrow.

We feel honoured to work with businesses and professionals like you who champion their employees’ Wellbeing and truly embrace wellness as an essential part of your business culture.

We partner with businesses of all sizes to embed Wellbeing as a core value in the organization so that every employee, at every level, can perform to optimal levels and play their unique role in your company’s success.

The world is changing and so is the way you work and attitudes towards the workplace. Your business and teams are facing challenges never imagined and we are here to help you navigate through that uncertainty to end up on top.

Workplace ‘unwellness’ is at an all-time high and it’s costing your business time, money and ultimately, performance. We will help you identify areas where your teams need more support and guidance to improve their health and wellbeing so they can create and deliver their best work.

Together, we will reshape the way your employees work and inspire your teams to perform at their best – because they feel motivated to be their best.

Your business can be a force for positive change, and it starts with resilient and engaged employees who are committed to your company’s purpose. Their Wellbeing – their being well – is central to this.

Join us and let’s Be Here and Be Well, so everyone can Excel.

  • As head of the Field and Operations team at Michael Kors Europe, I believe a mindful team is a productive team. Gret created an introductory wellbeing programme that educated my team on the fundamentals of wellbeing and why it matters at work – as well as in daily life. She introduced a toolkit for my busy team and shared tactics to implement them easily. I believe wellness gives my team the energy we need to be the best leaders in our field and we look forward to continuing to work with Gret and Conscious Working.

    Chris Amplo, DVP, Michael Kors EMEA
  • Gret’s weekly wellbeing practices allow my team to (virtually) get together outside the working day to talk about gratitude, worries and the ups and downs of life – it’s a safe environment to share and support each other. The team benefit from a better state of mind, and as founder, I’ve noted a positive, productive and creative response, which makes us all more effective.

    Zoe Kuipers, Founder and Director, Zoe Communications
  • Having worked with Gret previously, we knew who to approach when we decided to found our new communications consultancy in London. We wanted to apply a modern well-being approach to our workplace, one that would benefit us and our growing network of like-minded professionals. The GBCL introductory package was informative and refreshingly practical. Gret’s focus and energy gave us the tools and confidence to keep growing collectively, virtually and independently as we navigate working from home.

    Alysha Reid & Johnathan Green, Reid & Green


Contemplate. Connect. Change.

We all have an impact in life – on people, planet and society. Gret believes we can actively choose to generate a positive impact by being curious and contemplating our purpose.

Through contemplation, we have the opportunity to create change within our sphere of influence, which sends out ripples to society. Ultimately, this improves the impact of our collective well-being on the planet.

It all begins with choices and commitment. By choosing to take a moment of ‘me time’, educating ourselves and connecting within, as well as with our communities, we see the impact of our behaviour and make more conscious decisions.

Using ancient practices of yoga and meditation as the backbone of her methodology, Gret has identified key areas for personal development around emotional balance, physical movement, whole food nutrition and a sustainable lifestyle. Loosely woven together to form a more conscious approach, these elements also distil into a purer sense of self and purpose, making life and its challenges more rewarding – at home, work and at play.

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