1:1 coaching

In a busy world, some leaders need special time scheduled to create high impact change. Our 1:1 coaching is bespoke to your needs with results that shape new perspectives and positive behaviours - for you and then your teams.

Whether you’re an established CEO or starting your career, whether you have a Wellbeing programme or need one, we have insights and advice to share.

Being an impactful business leader that navigates the complex and uncertain times takes work.

It requires new strategic thinking that is rooted in compassion for your teams and the challenges they face.

It begins with self awareness and a personal programme as your foundation to success.

Our 1:1 coaching is designed for leaders and professionals who are ready to embrace their own Wellbeing, open to implementing practices and ready to lead from a place of authenticity and compassion.


  • Personalised Holistic Wellbeing Programmes
  • Implementation Plans
  • Structures for Sustainable Success
The pandemic is putting employee mental health in the global spotlight. These findings reveal burnout, stress and other mental health issues are all too easy to emerge and that improving the mental health of employees needs to be a priority for every business.
Emily He, SVP Oracle
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